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Household items like mops and buckets

The best prices on the houseware products you love

All your cleaning needs under one roof

Don't pay more than you have to for cleaning and laundry supplies. At Turnbull's Home Hardware in East Lothian, we always offer the lowest prices on your favourite household cleaners and detergents.
Whether you need heavy duty cleaning after a major DIY project or some furniture polish to keep your woods shining, you'll find it all here. Come to either of our convenient locations for a full range of laundry supplies and household cleaners.
Phone: 01620 892 134
Household cleaning items

Quality laundry supplies and household cleaners

• Ironing boards and covers
• Pegs and clothes lines
• De-scaling products
• Stain removers
• Furniture polish, cloths and dusters
• Toilet brushes and bathroom cleaning products
• Window cleaning products
Phone: 01620 892 134
A range of cookware

Keep your kitchenware stocked up

With an array of quality utensils available, we are sure to have what you need to keep you cooking in your kitchen. We stock kitchenware, tableware and cookware, all at great prices. So if you need a new set of sharp knives, some stainless steel pans or a kitchen swing bin, we can help.
Bought more than you planned to? Can't fit all your great deals in the car? Ask us about our free delivery service to make your life easier. Come by the store or call us today to see how we can best help you.
Phone: 01620 892 134
For more information:
01620 892 134
01368 863 228
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